News Update 1.11.11: Feb dates + New Album ‘Drawn Onward’

Hey Everyone!

Happy New Year!!!!  We hope that everyone left the holiday season in the best of spirits and are stepping into 2011 with their good foot forward.  We couldn’t help but notice that it feels like the Earth’s axis tilted as the minute hand on the clock struck us into 1/1/11, and now here we are on 1/11/11 writing to our fellow freaks as we feel that axis pick up some more swagger.  We’re all really excited for what’s in store for the coming year.  We’ve got bubbles of big news that we’re trying not to burst and tell everyone before the time is right, so bare with us as we try to keep our excitement composed. 
**2011 FEBRUARY DATES!!!**

Well, it’s awfully cold up here in the Northeast and we couldn’t think of any better way to generate some body heat and keep eachother warm than than to play some shows!  This February, we’ll be getting back in gear and playing all around the Northeast.  Don’t sweat too hard friends in the South, we’re coming back down to rage in March.  We’ll be announcing those dates very soon, so keep a look out.  In the meantime check out our February schedule.
2/3 Springfield, MA: Theodore’s

2/4 Wakefield, RI: Ocean Mist

2/5 Reading, PA: The Brass Lantern

2/10 Buffalo, NY: DBGB’s

2/11 Saratoga Springs, NY: Putnam Den

2/12 Oneonta, NY: Black Oak Tavern

2/17 Ithaca, NY: Castaways

2/18 Worcester, MA: Tammany Hall

2/24 Philadelphia, PA: World Cafe Live

2/25 Northampton, MA: Iron Horse Music Hall

2/26 Newmarket, NH: Stone Church


One bubble that we’ll waste no time popping is…….drrrruummmmrollllllll – the new album!!!!  That’s right folks, you’ve been asking for it and we’ve finally managed to take some time off the road and hit the studio to lay down the freshness.  We’ll be seeking refuge in The Bunker this month to record our second full length, Drawn Onward.  Some of you may be scratching your mellons and thinking, “why on Earfff is Dopapod huddling up in a #$@!-ing bunker to record!?”  Well the truth of the matter is that when we were on tour and tried recording some of these tracks, they emitted so much radiation that our engineers soiled themselves out of every orifice.  EVERY ORIFICE.  The head engineer’s poor intern even dribbled shmegma out of his bellybutton causing him to become a born-again outie.  That’s not even the half of it, but to make a long story short, and to keep in line with our environmentally conscious intentions, we will be keeping the new tracks contained until they are cooked and compressed into a safe, stable format for everyone’s listening pleasure.  As long as the diffusion process stays on course, you can expect the new album to drop in the Spring.

We all got to enjoy some down time during the holidays.  Chuck went back to California to spend some time with his family and is playing some shows with one of our really good friends, Nicky Egan.  If you’re out of the loop, check her out here.  She’s got a voice that will strike nerves you never even knew existed.  Plus, some of yours truly can be found playing on her new album that just dropped.  While Rob spent time in the frozen tundra of Upstate New York, Eli and Neal scoured the Rocky Mountains in search of Jackalopes and blue oxen.  They never found either, so they quickly drowned their sorrows in some delicious Fat Tire and even linked up with our homeboy Tubby Love to play some shows.  You can catch some footage of them jamming with Tubby, Dan Africano, and Scott Flynn from John Brown’s Body here.
Well, that’s about it for now.  We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time to kick back and relax, but we’re getting the itch to get back out and party with you all, so please come on out and getchyo freak on with us!

See you out there!