PODify: The entire Dopapod Catalog for $10/Month



PODify gives you unlimited access to the entire Dopapod catalog – including the latest shows, archive releases, studio albums and side projects – for $10/month. From a desktop computer you can download FLAC and MP3 recordings. What you download is yours to keep, even if you cancel. But don’t be evil!

PODify also includes unlimited streaming from your mobile device through BandCamp’s app. Want to listen to 20 different versions of Trapper Keeper? Or how about every Boston show? The “Search” feature of the app will make your ears happy.


We make a lot of music, and every live show is different. We want you to experience it, to share it with your friends, to plug your phone in at a party and blast that epic French Bowling from last week’s show. And we’d love your support, too. A lot time, effort, and money goes into our recordings. From the hours spent writing and rehearsing, to the days spent traveling around in a smelly van, to the large investment in gear, equipment, and crew required to put on a good show – each important Lego block adds up and the end result is the massive Lego metropolis you know as Dopapod. We’re working harder than ever to get as many recordings online as we can so you can look forward to hours of new PODify releases even when the band isn’t on tour.

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