FALL TOUR 2010 BLOG! 12.1.10- Southeast adventures

It’s been a while since we’ve had the opportunity to holler at everyone.  We’ve spent the past two months crawling up, and down, and back up the East Coast and we’ll have you know, it was a trip!! This was our third time down South and it’s great to come back to more and more familiar faces and have the chance to hang with friends we’ve made and continue to make along the way. For those of you who are just getting tapped into our Dopaworld – welcome aboard!  Amidst all the touring craziness, we’re going to be making it a point to keep in touch and keep everyone in the loop on things.  I mean, what good is there in traveling around and raging as many nights as we can if nobody else knows where the party’s at?!

So after an awesome summer of epic raging in clubs, farms, theaters, bars, basements, and spaceships, we decided to decompress and cook up some new jams for everyone.  We settled in a remote outskirt of Philly and built ourselves an underground fort.  The Fort took a week to build and ended up looking like the demon seed of the Deathstar and Noah’s Ark (no animals were hurt in the process of songwriting).  After a month of watching Starwars and lighting up the Pennsylvania skies with the biggest fireworks our Dopadollars could buy, we had a no holds barred roman candle fight that resulted in Fro getting carried away, pointing one at The Fort and blowing it up.  The police understood that it was an accident and were nice enough to realize that our pain & suffering over the loss of our humble home was punishment enough for our mistake.  Stuck with no home, we all piled into the van and took off for tour.

Rob’s been reading this book called Flags of Our Fathers by James Bradley and has been all gung ho about the whole “democracy” thing, so he thought it’d best for us to all mutually decide on where to start our venture.  We quickly found ourselves hard up to agree on where to start things off.  Chuck wanted to start off on some mountain by his hometown in California, Eli was vying for the Taco Bell next to The Fort, Rob elected a spiritual center in Burlington, VT that he found his spirit guide in, and we couldn’t wake up Fro.  After driving aimlessly for 8 hours and trying to agree on where to go, we found ourselves at The Paradise in Boston.  Happy with where we ended up, we all agreed to throw away Flags of Our Fathers and never speak of this manipulative serpent called “democracy”.

After a couple awesome shows in Boston and Oneonta we couldn’t help but realize our nipples were growing so hard from the cold they could cut an onion. So, we put the van on cruise control and headed straight South.

Within the first week of tour we call came to the realization that we love the Southeast.  Seduced by its softball sized biscuits & gravy and inebriated by its tantalizing moonshine, we couldn’t help but feel right at home – even if our home is a van.

We were fortunate enough to spend so much time to thoroughly venture through North Carolina, you’d a thought we were issuing the whole state a colonoscopy.  Imagine that for a second.  Now stop imaging that you sicko.  Anyways, North Carolina sure has a fertile music scene full of some of the kindest souls.  Everyone from Mooresville, to Greensboro, to Charlotte, to Wilmington, to Boone, to Asheville were amazing!  Somehow we ended up in Asheville over and over again.  It must be the aggrolite quartz deposits or some folklore we heard that draws people to it.  Whatever the case may be, all the freaks were out for our post – Moogfest Halloween show and were rippin’ all night!

We only got to hit one city in Georgia – Athens, but boy, oh boy does that city throw down hard!  We can’t seem to find ourselves taking it easy when we’re in that city, even on a Tuesday night.  People there just loooove to party.  We did two, two-night stints at The Rye Bar and it was a ragefest.  During the second residency, Adam from Perpetual Groove came out and jammed with us for a bit.  Someone even caught some cool footage of the jam!  Click here to check it out!

We got some QT in the Sunshine State.  Top to bottom, Florida sure is beautiful.  We got to see alligators, stay on this crazy compound where stuntmen trained for Universal Studios, play with wolves, get hunted by cougars, and I almost forgot, we went to Bear Creek.  Hands down one of the best festivals in our great country!  Not only did we get to see and play with some of our friends bands, we got to see some of our favorite artists!  The days were sunny and hot and the nights were bitter cold as you can see in this video

All in all, the Southeast was once again amazing and we can’t wait to head back down in March!  Keep your ears peeled for dates.  We can’t be more thankful for all the great people who came out to these shows, put us up for the night, fed us, and played with us.  Special thanks to Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, Zach Deputy (and Co.), and our favorite ball bustin’ homeboys The Mantras.

See all of you out on the road!

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